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Rubber Cutting

In collaboration with our partners, we produce non-standard and custom products paying special attention to the specific needs of customers. The custom-designed products include rubber details, silicone, polyurethane and other elastomers by means of die cutting, water-cutting and laser-cutting techniques; rubber and silicone profiles, expanded and sound-absorbing sheets, mechanical joints for conveyor belts, rubber hoses for dust passage. We make vulcanized joints and rubber and polyurethane coatings of rollers, hoppers and other details. We operate in the processing and marketing of rubber, PVC, polyurethane, silicone, heat-sealable conveyor belts.


Thanks to the purchase of the latest generation of machine tools, our highly qualified staff performs lathing processes that enable us to promptly satisfy the specific needs of the customer, ensuring efficiency and reliability.


We have an orbital welding machine that allows “just-in-time “ machining. In order to best meet the customer’s precision requirements, Italgomma2 works with reliable and trustworthy partners that have been carefully selected over the years.

Kanban management

Italgomma2 has adopted the Kanban method of Lean Manufacturing which has brought the following advantages:

  • Prevention of over-production (waste that significantly impacts on the performances of a production system),
  • Increased flexibility in customer response,
  • Greater integration in the chain of business processes that are harmoniously linked to customer requirements.


Among the various services offered, Italgomma2 boasts a sector completely  dedicated to joining and  vulcanization. Our technicians apply fittings to any type of rubber, Teflon, thermoplastic flexible hoses or braided or spiral-wound metal hoses.
Italgomma2 has products suitable for the transport of oil, water, steam and acids according to the standards DIN – UNI- SMS – BS – ISS- CLAMP – RJT – IDF from 3/16” to 4” suitable for low and high pressures.
The fittings can be made of stainless steel 304 or 316 or carbon steel.
Stainless steel 304 or 316 fittings can be used for vulcanization, always in compliance with the above standards.
Italgomma2 also supplies the first equipment for mass production with the possibility of pressure tests. 


The owners of Italgomma2, supported by a young and dynamic staff, provides customers with many years of experience and enviable expertise, providing design, assistance and personalised services.